Monday, 1 June 2009

Esceri Flea Market

An odessey to find this place. Between bus, cake shop, eventually we found an American tourist also looking for it and together we discovered the number 89E tram.

Market Sign

We didn't buy anything but look what we found instead! Prof. Leo Dalton taking a short break from the path lab with his assistant, incognito but the hats didn't fool us! Thanks to William Gominara, star of 'Silent Witness' and his friend for a lovely chat in the cafe over (yet another) cold beer.

Laszlo, Roma Trader in Antiques - one of many Roma traders here.

Roma children on the 89E tram from Hatar ut to Esceri

1 comment:

  1. He looks very familiar. Lazlo is a great name. I have never met a Lazlo in real life, only in books.
    It's obviously going well. Was there really nothing worth buying? Of course, looking is often more satisfying...I can see that.