Tuesday, 16 June 2009

People of the VIII th District

The cross on Koszoru ut

Maria, Matyas ter

Near the cross on Koszoru ut

Magdolna ut

Romanians near the market

Bakery Stall Teleki Market

Krizstina & Melinda

Maria & 2 Victorias - 3 generations


Kalvaria ter

Daniel & John joining the ladies of the fountain, Kalvaria ter

Elizabet, Daniel & John at Kalvaria ter

Magdolna utca

Magdolna utca

Berkocsis ut (Poster advertising Roma festival in Orczy Park)

Sanyi Bacsi, Caretaker Kesztyugyar Community Centre

Janos & Istvan


  1. Hey, no blog update for over a week. What's going on? Hope you're both OK and just working very hard!

  2. Fantastic photographs as usual with a real empathy for the community.
    I think the painters merit a show of their own, I am sure it would strike a chord in London . It is tragic how economic crisis turns the far right , it is happening all over Europe- again.
    Best wishes


  3. oh my god yous twos. we don't half love you.
    and another thing: julian and i may be in budapest for an orbach family wedding do from wednesday august 19th till the sunday or monday after. actual wedding is friday 21st. might you be in town then and might you be up for some mega messin' about including hot springs, chess and chocolate????? please reply asap to kate.pawsey@virgin.net as your answer may influence us..... you are THAT important (got to go to the wedding tho see cos julan's mum pay for us.....) love and kisses and hugaroonies x x x x