Friday, 12 June 2009

Airport Sunday

Got an email a few days ago from Penny Jones informing us that the Roma Pavilion at the Venice Biennale has been cancelled at the last minute - no reason given but could be something to do with the political situation in Italy with regard to the Roma. The Italian Govt. tried to enforce a law to fingerprint all Roma children until it was pointed out by Amnesty and others that this was a gross infringement of their human rights. There is a campaign and a petition to sign at the PLEASE SIGN IT. Thankyou
Many of the other pavilions have joined the campaign - we hope the Wales pavilion will follow suit (if it hasn't already done so.)

We went out to the suburbs for the day - to where the country meets the city - the airport perimeter. Took the M3 subway to Kabanya-Kispest and then a 98 bus to Barros ut, got out and walked around. This is what we found.

Bus Stop for the 98 at. And what's the wildlife doing?

More building.

Great sign

Hungarian Racka Sheep. A wild type that can survive on next to nothing - very hardy and not susceptible to disease. Nice looking too!

Peter, whose idea it is to establish a city farm here right by the airport fence. It wasn't too noisy either. Peter says the economic situation has meant fewer flights than usual.

Wild Oats

This looks like our kind of place!

A beautiful combination.

This is not a dandilion - it is huge - any idea what it night be?

The biggesr Viper's Bugloss we've ever seen!

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