Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Milleniumi Kulturalis Kozpont (MKK)

Last Sunday is was raining. We thought a museum the perfect, dry and comfortable place to while away an hour or two. This cultural complex is situated right by the Danube, brand spanking new and in easy reach of the campsite by tram 24. Once the rain ceased, we explored the outside. The pics show what we found inside and out!

Late again?

What is going on here - is culture sinking?

The most comfortable of plastic chairs

The glitzy bar. Lots of money has been spent here.

Robert Capa, Hungarian photographer and lover of Ingrid Bergman, major exhibition of his work here in Budapest opening 4 July.

The dancing toilet is a must to visit. Cardiff Millenium Centre eat your heart out!


  1. looks good and the dancing toilet is also seen here! You couldn't get enough of it.
    Who's more addicted to this?

  2. You've got mail. See you in the bar on Friday night!