Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Snap Happy!

The Lokals sitting out in the evening sun Hidegkut near Lake Balaton 18th May

Wiener Schnitzel, Maria Ellend, Austria on the Roman Wine Road Carnuntum 18th May

1000 miles from Cardiff

A sink friend at Roth

Friday night, 15th May. Peaceful camp in the woods by a lake near Roth, Bavaria. Here the beer was a gorgeous 11% knockout. slept beautifully!

The other bank of the Rhein after having crossed the following day. Near Dusseldorf.
Asparagus Peeler in action - it's in season - delicious!

The Rhein Ferry at Meerbusch
On the banks of the Rhein

'Pillow' the pride and joy of her retired parents lives on the campsite.

13th May, in Jabbeke. Helle, the Belgian AA man fits a new bolt to the alternator and charges us 1 Euro!
The very empathetic lady on the AA phone said 'you 'av zee age ...' she meant the van of course which is 11!

Ferry in the Mist - Channel crossing 18.30 12th May

Iris and Kitty checking out the facilities.

Budapest At Last!

We arrived on Tuesday tired and hot - it's 30C here!
Sorry for the long delay between posts but we were not connected up.
Hope to do better now.
What follows is a series of photos to give a flavour of the journey 1500 miles long - there is a lot more to come - stay with us and please contribute.
The astute ones amongst you will have noticed that the sequence of photos is back to front .... just to fox you .... you are lucky it isn't all in Hungarian!!!

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