Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Haller Neighbourhood

Showroom Camping !

Relaxing at Work!

Antonio and Tiziana with Lula and Cissy (Princess)

Walter and his Wife, from Zurich

Unimog,The Ultimate Outfit! What is Am plotting with those scissors?

Plane Tree. We are located underneath this beautiful tree inhabited by birds, bugs and bats.

Sky Bike

Sleeping Rough

Local Supermarket. Good bottle of Muscat 70 pence !

Man Descending a Staircase

City Balcony on Haller utca

Cardiac Hospital next door. Sirens day and night! Not far to go in an emergency!

Friday 22nd May

Antonio, Tiziana, Lula and Cissy, our lovely Italian neighbours made us delicious linguine and pomodoro for supper last night. Calabrian speciality bread and salami,sun dried tomatoes and parmesan to start! They are our neighbours to the left. To the right are a couple from Zurich and opposite a couple from Denmark although he is originally American.(we call him the Reverend because he makes friends with everyone, wears a tie on Sunday and his number plate begins RV)
Tiziana looked over our van this morning and said 'piccolo! but it has everything necessary'
Our solar panel is causing a stir amongst several men who look it over admiringly and tell us at length all about their attempts to solar power their vans (which all hook up to the mains) but ofcourse it's still far too expensive!

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