Friday, 22 May 2009

Run Rabbit Run

Woods near Roth, Bavaria

May Tree on the main square in Grein on the Danube

Grein Municipal Theatre - the oldest in Austria 1791 - it is said that Napoleon sat in the box on the right.

A rare treat for you all - Tina & Am 'in drag'

The Danube fron Greinburg Castle, still in the possesion of the Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha (Prince Albert's family 1840 m. Queen Victoria)

Bakery, Spitz, Wachau, Austria

Beneath Vienna - following in the footsteps of the Third Man

Field near Balaton

Ripening Almonds (for Susie)

The Gnome of Paloznak, above Lake Balaton

Our office in sunny Budapest

'.... eet doesn't start very well' the lady on the end of the rescue service phone said but we are underway again and all we needed was a bolt - the mechanic in Workington somehow managed to loose one - all that chatting to his mates.
As we are leaving Jabbeke we catch a glimpse of a bright green field full of red and blue rabbits. Surreal - we are reminded of an incident the night before as we were arriving in the aforementioned place tired, bleary eyed and concerned about the van. Running towards us in the middle of the road was a lop eared rabbit chased by a crowd of teenage girls oblivious to all save the rabbit. Am reminded us that in the Native American Animal Cards the Rabbit symbolises fear. Oh! Oh!
Later we stop at a new motorway service 'pod' and low and behold the daily special is rabbit fricase!
There are too many rabbits in Belgiun for our liking.
Later still, we get to the Rein side camping at Meerbusch. The sun is warm and after a couple of litres of the local draught pils the rabbits are getting considerably smaller - reduced to a handful of babies lolling about on the grass in the park platz. (for yellow eyed Jane)


  1. Well, I think you are having far too much fun! Tina you are very elegant in a top hat and shades. It's obviously a good time of year for rabbit spotting. I don't mind what colour they are...So long as they are not squished on the road with birds pecking at them. Although, rabit fricase might be worth a try. Rabit Squishe isn't nice...

  2. well ladies well done sounds like the trip goes well..and it wouldn'nt be the same without a wee bit of van trouble to keep you on your toes. lovely nice to hear news and keep in touch. All good here.. veg grows.. children happy.. week off ahead. Muchos besos beautiful ladies.. imo x

  3. Wonderful images. I feel I am with there with you. Not sure about the rabbits what about the other wildlife!? I have got a full house here - Clare is up from London and Chris, Patsy and George are here too. After brunch we are going to meet June, walk George on the beach and go for tea at June's. We all send our love to you both. Missing you already - can't wait to see you at Ben's wedding. Bye for now XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX