Sunday, 2 August 2009

Petofi Telep, Sajokaza

Petofi is an Olah settlement on the outskirts of Sajokaza. Here live 200 people from six or eight family clans, with no sanitation and one water pump on the main access road.
The Olah have strong connections with animals, horses in particular and growing, unlike their Romungro counterparts.
The women are continually washing clothes and brushing the earthen floors outside their habitations, cooking and child-minding while the men look after the livestock.
Cooking takes place outdoors using the wood gathered daily.
Some of the young women have been to school and their parents are insisting on higher education - not early marriage!!! Viktoria, one of the young women had just graduated as a nursery nurse and is looking forward to her new job at the also new Ambedkar Gymnasium creche.
They were extremely welcoming and happy that we visited them.

Horses feeding on cut meadow grass

Hay stack

Access road - Gabor coming to see what's happnin'

Kavics family group

Pig food

Kavics feeding his horses

Rabbit food !

Cleaning and recycling bricks

Lakatos Sandor and Wilmos the horse

Renata in her garden

Every day is washing day in this telep!

Feri hugging his mother

Zolti - holding up the house while Ana cooks

Robert (extreme right) a Romanes speaker and his family

Edi Neni outside her house

Edi Neni in the kitchen

Peter, her son

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