Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Please Attend:
the Launch of our Book in Scotland
From the Horse/s Mouth - A Roma, Gypsy Traveller Landscape

Photographs combined with strong voices from the Romani, Gypsy and Traveller communities including Roseanna and Shamus McPhee from Scotland.

7th October 2015  5.50pm - 8.00pm
Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SR

Opening Speech by Fiona Hislop MSP Culture Minister


Shamus McPhee: Scottish Gypsy Traveller, Artist: 
The Contribution Made by Gypsy Travellers to Wider Society
Roseanna McPhee: Scottish Gypsy Traveller, Community Advocate, Founder Member of ByRight:
A Woman's Journey to Work

Tina Carr & Annemarie Schöne: Photographers
The Roma in Hungary

Slide shows and exhibition of Shamus's paintings throughout the evening.

Light Refreshments & Wine


Monday, 26 January 2015

FROM THE HORSE/S MOUTH - A Roma / Gypsy / Traveller Landscape
The new book from Tina Carr & Annemarie Schöne launched at Oriel Q, Pembrokeshire on the 17th January 2015.

Annemarie and I spent five years travelling in Hungary and the UK recording aspects of the lives of these marginalised peoples.
The Roma are Europe/s largest landless minority. They have no country, a barely recognised flag; they are among the poorest, most isolated and most disenfranchised people on the planet. Our homegrown Gypsies and Scottish Gypsy Travellers share the same roots. Originating in India, Gypsies were dispersed to the West by migration, slavery and war and suffered enforced settlement, assimilation, prejudice and murder in the Holocaust.
Today they survive mostly on the margins. In Hungary where the tarmac ends the Gypsy settlement begins. In the UK they have been forced into culturally inappropriate bricks and mortar, live on overcrowded sites or by the roadside desperately seeking non existent pitches in an attempt to keep their culture alive whilst grappling with the challenges of a modern world in a digital age.
The wealth of colour photographs in this collection is accompanied by illuminating essays and distinctive voices from Romani Elders and members of the Gypsy and Traveller communities themselves.

ISBN 978-1-910223-23-9
Hardback - hand bound green cover with gold foil blocking, 204 pages, 250 colour photographs.

229mm x 280mm
£30.00 + £5.00 p&p Order by clicking on the HEXPRESS banner above - through Bigcartel.com
pay with paypal etc.

Once We Were Birds, the Roma in Hungary - Exhibition Oriel Q Narberth, Pembrokeshire
17th January - 28th February

Once We Were Birds opened in Oriel Q Narberth on Saturday 17th January by Osi Rhys Osmond.