Friday, 22 January 2010

Oriel Myrddin Gallery 09.01.10 - 20.02.10

Part 3

Note the new video bar on the right of this page.
Last week we launched OnceBirdsTV on YouTube so we
are in the process of putting up video shorts of
memorable musical moments from the OnceWeWereBirds Archive.
Keep an eye on this space for some stunning live
performances from the leading Roma musicians of today.

Kavics and Son, Petofi Settlement

Marianne and Tibby, Bodvalenke

Rita and Josi, Bodvalenke

Sandor, Shani and Pali Solyom Settlement

Monika and Edit, Sajokaza Village

Che House Family with congenital eye problem.

Zsolti and his mother Mari

Igrici Cucumber Project - the third largest in Hungary.
Roma owned, employing both Roma and non-Roma workers.

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