Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year all our Hungarian friends some of whom are pictured below ... there are many more who are not ... Happy New Year to us all.
We hope that the new year will bring peace and prosperity and that the European Year for Combatting Poverty will do what it says on the tin!
We would also like to remind everyone that 2010 is the mid point of the 'Decade of Roma Inclusion' ...

Fonyod Artist's Summer Camp July 09
The wheel is a very important symbol to the Roma
representing freedom and movement.

Fonyod Artist's Summer Camp July 09

Terez and Gabor bedecked (accidentally) in red, white and green, Hungary's national colours. They are also the colours of Wales ... two small nations with more in common than one might immediately imagine?

There is a very famous Hungarian poem entitled 'The Bards of Wales' by Janos Arany that tells of Edward I's execution of 500 Welsh bards in 1277 lest they incite the youth to rebellion by reminding them in their songs of their nation's glorious past * We have the text if you want to read it & will find a link for the next post.

Ali and Krisztina

Eva Kiss-Kalmanne, VIIIth District, Budapest

Jen, Eliza, Julietta and Jennifer, VIIIth District, Budapest

The Women's Committee, Sajokaza

Bricklayers 'Crew' Sajocaza

Beno: photo by his brother Andras (see below)

Agnes and family. BP

Zsuzsi and Gergely at work.

Gal, Sajokaza

Eva and Orsi, Solyom Settlement

Rozie and Angelika, BP

Olah, BP

Andras, Terez's youngest son

Sergei and family, Sajokaza

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  1. Happy New Year to you both, and good luck with the Exhibition opening on Saturday. We are only sorry that we cannot be there.