Monday, 11 April 2011

Dale Farm: Zero Eviction Day 9.4.2011

Saturday was a great day with the largest turnout so far of Dale Farm supporters joined by representatives of Roma groups from all over the world, here to show solidarity with the 86 families who have been living with the threat of eviction for the last 10 years.


Ariel view of the Dale Farm site when the Travellers bought it showing that it was not 'green belt' but a massive scrapyard - far right of the picture - that the Travellers themselves cleared and renovated, at their own expense, before they could live on it in the first place.

Joseph Jones (left) Gypsy Council and Yves Cabannes chair of the UN Advisory Group on Forced Evictions

Solidarity from Representatives of the International Alliance of Inhabitants here to celebrate the anniversary of the First Gypsy Congress in 1971

Grattan Puxon (far left) Secretary of the Dale Farm Housing Association, with the new banner.

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