Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The 'Gentrification' of Budapest's VIII District

Like many ordinary, residential but also poorer areas of major cities, eg Berlin, Budapest is undergoing a major transformation driven by economic pressure. The VIII District was traditionally settled by crafts people, (market) traders, artisans and Romani people many of them musicians. Due to its central location it represents attractive and valuable ground for city development and foreign investment under the guise of 'gentrification.'
Many local people, the majority of them Romani or older Hungarians are forced out of their houses some of which are developed others demolished.
Even the Roma Parlament at Tavaszmezo lost its vital advocacy centre in a beautiful listed building well frequented by local Roma. Now they are forced to travel for legal advice on the pressing issues of housing and employment to the new offices on the outskirts of the city.
Such development gradually forces out the original inhabitants, draws in more affluent elements of society and changes the whole character of the district forever.

The VIII District of Budapest is to the right of the Duna (Danube)
the pink bit on the right between the first and third bridge

Prater utca

Baross utca

Girls in 'the Hood'

Kisfaludy u


Tavaszmezo ut

Angels of the VIII District

Futo u. An old style courtyard being encroached on by new development.

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