Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Camping Sajokaza Style!

We are the guests of the Jaibhim Community Ambedkar School and - the same organisation coincidentally Tina worked with in India 10 years ago. This Buddhist community runs the school for Roma in Sajokasa and is currently looking for native English speakers to teach - not a huge salary but job satisfaction guaranteed!
The school is named after Dr B R Ambedkar (1891-1956) Dalit, political leader, activist, philosopher, anthropologist, revolutionary, and revivalist of Buddhism in India. He was also the chief architect of the Indian Constitution and one of the first 'untouchables' to obtain a college education achieving multiple doctorates from Columbia University.

Andras, Terez's youngest son, with the Gypsy flag at the community centre entrance.

Dr B R Ambedkar

We are parked up in the back yard of the community centre (best campsite yet) sharing the facilities with the teachers.

Terez, whom we first met on a rainy afternoon last September on our research trip is taking care of us again! She graduated from the school this year with much celebrating - see the video on the website

Judit - one of the teachers 'cooking up a storm'

Szuszi can be here only part time and brings Gergely, a young film maker from Budapest to make a film about us making our 'photographies' in the settlement for an internet news site.

This is Ilona Lakatos, a student of English, together we wrote an article for the community website homepage

Laszlo Gal demolishing the old building single handed!
photo: Ilona Lakatos

As well as running several schools the centre has organised a new project with unemployed men - a bricklaying course started this week. In the grounds of the community centre is an old, unsafe outbuilding (white building in foreground minus its asbestos roof which was removed very carefully earlier in the week)- the project is to demolish it and rebuild it with brick.

The Crew!


  1. hey gorgeous ladies... nice one for the subtle as a brick email !!... have checked in on you but not always commented... got a hilarious new job... you will laugh so much.. but i will let you know that via email and chat proper like when I can find two ticks!! the blog is looking fabulous.. they are incredibly beautiful people.. such incredible character and humour coming through. I think of you lots and hope that it goes as well as it seems to be... be in touch asap.. you are loved and missed... both you birds...from us.. the mills troupe xx

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